OpenLCCS will be an improved and open-source version of the existing LCCS software developed by FAO and UNEP. LCCS is a classification system used for the description of land cover patterns in environmental, cartographic, GIS and more projects. LCCS use is wide spreading, but its software implementation as well as its formal specification lack a rational and well-defined structure.

On the next number of IAO journal, we will present a paper, (freely available soon as a .pdf download) which proposes a definition of LCCS as a formal language, thus providing a basis for an improved, sounder and open source implementation of the LCCS software. OpenLCCS development is authored by Marco Di Costanzo and Luca Ongaro for IAO.

Presently the project, started on February 2005, is on a planning phase; it will be hosted on repository and its web page is OpenLCCS will be a complex tool based on Prolog and JAVA technologies. It will be thought to work in a stand-alone, intranet and eventually internet JAVA-driven environment. The software will consist of two main parts: a logic engine written in Prolog and a JAVA interface. Logo